WASHINGTON - The United States on Monday said it was very pleased and relieved at the release of an American UN official after being abducted and held hostage for about two months in Balochistan. We obviously are very pleased to see John Solecki released, State Department Spokesman Robert Wood said at the regular briefing. He said Solecki, 49, who was the Balochistan head of the UN refugee agency, was on his way to the United States. We are obviously relieved as is his family and we look forward to speaking with Mr Solecki when he returns to the United States, he added. Solecki was kidnapped on February 2 this year and released on Saturday. His driver was killed during the abduction. The United Nations has also hailed the release of Solecki and expressed gratitude to the Pakistani officials for getting their workers safe release. We look forward to speaking to Solecki when he returns to the United States, he said. APP adds: The spokesman, reacting to a Taliban leaders threats of further terrorist attacks in Pakistan, said the US underscored the need for continued efforts to deal with the menace of terrorism as the problem is not going to go away soon. The State Department said Washington is under no illusion that the terrorists are trying to hit the US and its allies but added we have to keep working hard to fight terrorism. Spokesman Robert Wood said the Pakistani government understands the terrorism threat to their country. I have seen those reports. Look, we are under no illusions that the Taliban, al-Qaeda and other terrorist operations are going to continue to work. We have to do what we can to prevent them. I think the Pakistani government, certainly, understands very clearly what threat these terrorists pose to their own government. And that we will take necessary security steps to protect our personnel, our people. But, look, this is no secret that there are terrorists out there that are trying to hit us, hit our allies. What is important is that we have a unified approach to dealing with terrorism, Wood stated in response to a question about a Taliban Commanders threats of terrorist attacks in Pakistan. The spokesman said the Obamas administration has just completed a strategic review of US policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan and special representative Richard Holbrooke is in the region to discuss the way forward with leaders of the South Asian nations. Ambassador Holbrooke is in the region, talking about how we can go forward in the implementation of the results of the strategic review. We will continue to work this issue, because it is not going to go away right away. We have to keep working hard to fight terrorism, the spokesman added.