LAHORE - The issue of the faculty and staff members of Computer Science Department of the Government College University (GCU) is hanging in the balance for the last two weeks. All efforts made by the faculty members for reconciliation and amicable solution have failed. As many as 31 staff members including the Director tendered their resignations en bloc on March 24 last by serving a one-month notice as a tool to press their demands for acceptance but neither the demands were accepted nor resignations accepted or rejected so far. However, the Administration is giving an impression that it will not come under any pressure and will decide the fate of the faculty and staff on April 24. The tussle is proving disastrous for the students. Meanwhile an Assistant Prof of Physics has been posted as new Director of the Computer Science Department. Similarly, faculty members from the Mathematics and other departments are also being posted to fill the temporary gap. The department is catering self supporting programmes in various graduate and postgraduate programmes and is considered as income generating department of the varsity for its market oriented programmes. The head and director who resigned along with his staff, is a renowned computer scientist and academician. He says that their demand was simple that the Registrar should not unnecessarily intervene in the internal administrative matters of the department like examinations, admissions and timetable.