LAHORE-Tension between PCO and non-PCO judges has boiled up after Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court Mr Justice M. Bilal Khan who is facing an inquiry into his alleged links with underworld don, has declined to step down rather vowed to defend himself, alleging Sharif brothers of masterminding the whole drama. Supreme Judicial Council has initiated proceedings against Justice Bilal on a story published in section of the Press alleging him of having close links with Nannu Goraya arrested and killed by Gujranwala police in an 'encounter. Mr Justice Bilal Khan has written a letter to Supreme Judicial Council, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, rebutting all the allegations against him and expressing his deep concern over the ongoing slanderous campaign against him by a TV channel and a publication Group. It seems that the judges of superior judiciary are divided into two groups and heading fast towards a standoff that might lead to another judicial crisis, feared a senior lawyer. In his 10-pages reply Justice Bilal said he had never met that man in Dubai, Pakistan or anyplace or even heard his name and no case was pending before his court relating to the said underworld gangster. 'I strongly refute all allegations and I will not resign rather I will contest these allegations, Justice Bilal wrote in his letter. Telling the reasons of 'malicious campaign against him, Justice Bilal accused PML-N leadership of masterminding the whole drama as he (Justice Bilal) was among a three-member Full Bench of the Lahore High Court which on June 23, 2008 had disqualified Mian Nawaz Sharif from contesting by-elections, however, provisionally allowed his brother Shahbaz Sharif to continue working as Chief Minister Punjab. 'Mian Nawaz Sharif and Mian Shahbaz Sharif hurled abuses at me during public addresses, he added. Justice Abdul Shakoor Paracha and Justice Syed Shabbar Rizvi were other members of the Full Bench. Justice Bilal pointed out that a 13-member bench of the Supreme Court while hearing Constitutional petitions against CJPs removal and filing reference in SJC, had expressed its scorn, displeasure and disdain for such material. 'The SC not only reprimanded Advocate on Record but burdened him with fine of Rs. one lakh and suspended his licence. Justice Bilal came hard on RPO Gujranwala Zulfiqar Cheema tagging him as a 'sick officer saying police officer in a bid to take revenge with him played a dirty role in this whole drama as he is a close buddy of PML-N leadership. Zulfiqar Cheema nurtured grudges against me after I took notice of his appointment as Regional Police Officer Gujranwala, (a post of Grade 21), in violation of Police Order as he (Cheema) was a Grade-20 officer, he said. 'I also took notice of his appointment in his home district from where his brother Iftikhar Cheema was MNA on PML-N seat, he added. It may recalled that Justice Bilal was also a member of a Full Bench of the Lahore High Court hearing a number of petitions challenging the deteriorating law and situation in the province and appointments of police officers in violation of police order 2002. Cheema took it as personal affront. The letter further said that the role of Zulfiqar Cheema is that of a 'henchman of Sharif brothers and he is all out to pick up cudgels on their behalf. Condemning the reporter who wrote the story, Justice Bilal said he is a journalist who always emitted poison against the superior judiciary and every time has got away with it. It was this journalist who initiated the vilification campaign against the Chief Justice of Pakistan in 2007 and his utterances in media ultimately metamorphosed into a scandalous reference and got away with it. Chief Justice IHC added. Disapproving the Press clippings and other material against him, he said there is not even an iota of truth in what has been written by the reporter who is a known 'blackmailer. The materials provided to me is deficient in many ways, i.e., it does not indicate as to when was this person (Faiz Rasool alias Nannu Goraya) present in Dubai, to which night club I had accompanied them, and to which hotel I was taken for the 'purpose, he added. 'I happened to visit Dubai only twice in my life, and each time I was accompanied by members of family, Justice Bilal maintained in his letter ,adding, that there are apparent contradictions in the statement of Nannu Goraya thereof inasmuch as if Nannu Goraya was previously known to me through Khalid Lone, there was hardly any occasion for our introduction with each other by Ashfaq Bajwa. 'Another irrefutable fact which needs to be appreciated is that this is purportedly a statement of an accused recorded by the police in custody and who had been done to death in a so-called police encounter, the letter said. Justice Bilal said Ashfaq Bajwa had made a statement on oath before a court of competent jurisdiction that story on Nannu Goraya was fabricated by RPO and was false from A to Z and had been trumped up with the intention to target me especially. He (Bajwa) had complained to the court that coercive tactics were employed to elicit from him a false statement supporting and corroborating the story weaved out by the RPO and the trumped up statement of Nannu Goraya when in custody and done to death later on, he added. Justice Bilal further said Cheema also illegally detained Bajwas father, saying on account of this foreknowledge Chief Justice LHC did not deem it proper to further steps in the matter on Press clipping. In his letter Justice Bilal Khan also requested the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to take strict action against the persons and media persons involved in this campaign aimed at scandalizing and maligning the institution of judiciary. It is pertinent to mention here that a five-member bench of Lahore High Court hearing a petition had already been issued notices and sought personal appearance of Editor-in-Chief and Editor Investigation of a local newspaper for 17th of this month.