US President Barack Obama arrived in Iraq on Tuesday on his first visit since taking office in three months ago, as the war-torn country wrestles with a new upturn in deadly attacks. Obama flew into Baghdad from Turkey on Air Force One on the latest leg of a week-long tour through Europe and the Middle East and was immediately rushed off to meet General Ray Odierno, the top US army commander in Iraq. He was expected to present medals to American soldiers during the unexpected visit as well as hold telephone talks with his Iraqi counterpart Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. Obama, who opposed the 2003 invasion ordered by his predecessor George W. Bush, has used his debut overseas tour to reach out to the Islamic world and attempt to restore America's battered image abroad. In February Obama announced a new strategy that will see most combat troops withdraw from Iraq by August 2010, although a force of up to 50,000 will remain until the end of the following year.