LAHORE - The Punjab seemed to be like an open field for all during the Governor Rule when the officers were even allotted 'fancied offices at 8-Club Road, while 'stupendous tasks were carried out for de-notifying investigative tribunals besides large-scale administrative reshuffle of the civil and police bureaucracy. The Governor was well within his right - as the chief executive of the province - for allotting these offices to anybody, but there was very little justification for this act. These officers could have continued sitting at the Governors House, like quite a few others, though for this, Salmaan Taseer must have done so himself, while former preferred grand office and palatial conference room for working and holding press conferences to make empty announcements about forming the PPP government in the province. One of the plausible reasons is that the Governor successfully occupied the CM Secretariat, but only symbolically, seeing the political failure in accommodating the required number of provincial legislators to form the PPP government in Punjab. Additionally, the Governor has always worked at his original office and Salman Taseer was the first governor to have moved out of the Governors House just to appease his fellows, said an officer. One of the 'glorious examples of notifications (issued on February 28) was that of allocating rooms at the first floor of 8-Club Road to 12 officers and a political stooge of the Governor, with the status of Political Advisor to him, confided a source, observing that it was entirely useless with almost nothing to achieve. However, the short-stinted allottees have vacated these offices in the white mansion constructed during Ch Pervaiz Elahis rule. However, for the PML-N leadership, this palatial building is still an eyesore and at present meant for 'a few selected researchers and think-tanks working for the present political dispensation. Shahbaz Sharifs promise, made during the run-up to the February 8 polls, of converting the huge structure into a women information technology university, could not be fulfilled because of structural constraints - as it is a purpose-built Chief Ministers Secretariat - but in fact due to resistance from the bureaucracy, the source added. According to him, Director General FBR (Custom Intelligence) Sikandar Ahmad Rai (allotted room #1) was an employee of the federal government and was never part of the provincial administrative machinery. Being a close friend of one of the two top men of Pakistan, Rai was to be posted as Additional Chief Secretary Home Department, a post especially created for him. A summary in this regard was approved but he did not join the Punjab government though he was given an office at the 8-Club Road. It all met a quick end after the Supreme Courts decision of restoring Shahbaz Sharif government, said the officer. Rooms 2 and 8 were allotted to Deputy Inspector General Police Telecommunication Punjab and Governors Political Advisor Malik Hafeez. It is almost impossible to comprehend the reasons for these two allotments for a senior cop, who must be declaring himself a leading professional of the police hierarchy, while another with no political credentials except being a friend of the Governor, maintained the source. Among other leading allottees were Secretary (Coordination) CMs Secretariat Tariq Najeeb Najmi (still working in this capacity), Additional Secretary (Coordination) Iftikhar Ahmed Sahu (presently DCO Vehari), and another Additional Secretary Wajihullah Kundi (now an OSD). The rest were Deputy Secretaries Tariq Shahzad (Provincial Management Service), Riaz Tahir (PMS), Afshan Kiran Imtiaz (PMS) Shahid Iqbal (Federal Postal Service), Masood Mukhtar (DMG), Sohail Anwar Chaudhry (PMS) and Nadir Chattha (DMG). These people must have acted as per the good wishes of the Governors Secretariat while the top three guys must have some ulterior motives as allegations of horse-trading were levelled by the then opposition of the PML-N, concluded the officer.