ISLAMABAD: The first four-day long Scientific Spring has kicked off at National Centre for Physics (NCP) on Monday. Eminent physicists from across the country and abroad are attending the event to disseminate the existing work and knowledge and to explore new dimensions of collaboration at national and international level. The purpose of the activity is to bring together scientists, engineers, technologists, and students to familiarize them with the present and future areas of immense development. Llectures by national and international scientists/engineers and specialists would be delivered during the activity. Nearly 78 lectures would be delivered by the scientists during this four days. The main aim of holding this scientific spring is to disseminate knowledge and work at national level and to unveil the facilities present at NCP. The activity will focus the core areas of physics and its related fields like Accelerator technology, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Condensed Matter Physics, Higher Energy Physics, Laser Physics, Nanosciences, and Plasma Physics. Foreign scientists from different universities of UK, China, Tashkent and Bangladesh have been participating as speakers. They will present their research papers and presentations of different field of Physics and Nanosciences in this national activity. Dr Hamid Saleem, NCP Director General speaking on the occasion said To become visible as vibrant research nation at international level Pakistan needs active, enthusiastic and professional young researchers. And we are determined to develop National Centre for Physics as an international research centre of excellent repute. He regretted that there was stagnation in thinking and activity in the whole society. The main reason was that the younger people were not encouraged to make new plans and policies for dynamic changes in the society according to modern trends. If every one of us plays his or her role then the whole nation can progress. Non-availability of experts and limited defined academic manpower in our institutes are main hurdles in academic development and research culture in Pakistan.