LAHORE - The PML-Q legislators and workers, mostly females, on Monday took out a small procession on The Mall to condemn members of forward bloc who have changed their loyalties after their getting elected on Q-leagues ticket. The participants of the procession, carrying sticks with lotas on their tips, gathered in front of the Lahore High Court and chanted slogans against party turncoats and the act of horse-trading by the PML-N. The event coincided with the court hearing of a disqualification case against Saba Sadiq, a PML-Q legislator, who has joined PML-N in violation of the Constitution. The protestors blocked traffic at GPO crossing for some time and raised slogans against their fellow legislators who have sided with the PML-N by making a unification bloc. They were also carrying placards inscribed with slogans against party turncoats. They also gave symbolic beating to the lotas using their shoes to express their disgust for them. They called for an end to alleged horse-trading by the PML-N.