RAWALPINDI - Continuous spell of rain Sunday night and during Monday as well has forced people to use warm clothes along with necessities to heat up their rooms and body against the cold wave in the city. The heavy shower of rain during evening time not only brought the mercury level of the city down but also added in the miseries of the citizens. Scattered thunderstorm, rain, with gushing winds, may occur intermittently, in Islamabad, Rawalpindi besides Lahore, Multan, Gujranwala, Faisalabad and Sargodha divisions in the next 48 hours, said Meteorological Office. The cold winds forced the people to wear warm clothes while the business of umbrella sellers witnessed boom. All the markets, bazaars, shopping malls and public parks of the city were presenting deserted look while the business activities remained suspended during the rain as people preferred to stay at homes. While laborers like cart pushers, vendors, fruit, balloon and toys sellers remained out of work at that time. The heavy rain also damaged muddy huts and tents of the residents of Katchi Abadis at Iqbal Road (Sadiq Abad), Adyala Village, Shahpur Seydan, Chungi Number 20, Pirwadhae, Rawat and Mareer Hassan. The dwellers of the areas of Tahlimohri, Dheri Hassan Abad, Bakra MandiSadiq Abad, Shakeryal and Kuri Road had to face immense problems as the sewerage lines and Nullas were chocked out and dirty water entered into their houses causing damage of households. Traffic despite all out efforts made by City Traffic Wardens who holding umbrellas and wearing rain coats, was blocked at citys all main roads including Benazir Bhutto Road (BBR), Peshawar Road, IJ Principal Road, Mall Road, Saddar, Katchehri Chowk, Jhelum Road, Airport Road, Adyala Road, Chungi Number 22, Tench Bhatta, Khaban-e-Sir Syed Road and Pirwadhae Road were also seen blocked during the rain. Nisar Ahmed, a local resident, said that he had to go to Islamabad for an urgent piece of work but unfortunately he was stranded in his car in the heavy traffic. It took me two hours to reach Faizabad from Mareer Chowk, he lamented. The government should carpet Sheikh Rasheed Express Way, keeping all political differences aside, immediately to less the traffic burden from BBR, Nisar added. The streets, roads and areas of Raja Bazaar, Banni, Saddar, Arya Mohala, Jinnah Road, College Road, Satellite Town, Rehman Abad, Committee Chowk, Dhoke Elahi Bux, Gawalmandi, Sooter Mandi, Caltex Road, Defense, Dhoke Juma, Rah-e-Aman, Dhaman Seydan, Mumtaz Market, Ali Town, Dhamial Road, Dhoke Seydan, Girja, Dhoke Lakhan, Lal Kurti and South and East Shakeryal were turned into a pool of dirty water as there was no proper sewerage system along with these roads and streets, which shows the negligence of authorities concerned. The residents of these areas expressed their deep concerns over the poor performance of Punjab government, public representatives and officials of City District Government (CDGR). It has become difficult for us to go out side from our houses in case of even a small shower of rain as our streets and roads were filled with rain water or sewerage water, said Ali Ahmed, resident of Dhoke Seydan. He appealed to the Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to solve heavy traffic problem priority basis. Meanwhile, the ditches, dug up by WASA for laying down sewerage pipelines at Asghar Mall Scheme, were also filled with rainwater, which put the life of citizens into threat. During last 24 hours, Rawalpindi received 11mm rain while Mandi Bahawal. Rawalpindi received 11mm rain while Islamabad 20mm.