TWO paparazzi photographers have accused a security guard placed at supermodel Gisele Bundchen and footballer Tom Bradys wedding of shooting at them, while the couple exchanged wedding vows in Costa Rica. According to the Boston Herald, photographer Yuri Cortez has filed a complaint with the police over the alleged incident. The incident took place after the security guards spotted two paparazzi taking photographs of the nuptials from a bush. The security guards asked them to hand over their memory cards, but they refused and decided to make a run for it. As they tried to get away in a waiting SUV, one of the security guards apparently tried to shoot them, and the bullet broke the rear window and bounced off the windshield. ANI However, no one was hurt and it was not known if the wedding party heard the gunfire I put my foot on the accelerator and I heard the gunshot that shattered the rear window and broke the windshield. It very nearly hit me, the Telegraph quoted Cortez as saying. NF, the photo agency that hired the photographers, said that the two men narrowly escaped death. ANI