There is a general perception among Pakistanis that public sector organizations don't serve them according to their professed objectives. The behavior of many government servants supports this hypothesis. However I want to share my personal experiences to establish that many of these organizations also work efficiently. A case in point is Pakistan Motorway Police. I am a British citizen of Pakistani origin. Last month I visited Pakistan to meet my relatives. One night I was cruising to Multan from Lahore along with my husband and five years old son. It was raining cats and dogs and my car suddenly developed some mechanical fault. Eventually, it came to a grinding halt in the suburbs of Khanewal. It was quite scary since the traffic on Motorway was also very low. I remembered a signboard asking commuters to dial 130 Help Line in case of any emergency. I made a reluctant effort to dial the Help Line of Motorway Police since I was not sure if they will turn up or not. The operator politely asked me about my location and vehicle registration number and type. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a motorway police mobile spotted me within 10 minutes. The officers that disembarked from the mobile arranged a mechanic for us from the nearby settlements at 3 AM in the night. I tried to proffer some money to my benefactors as a token of my gratification but they politely refused. -SUMBAL BUKHARE, UK, via e-mail, March 28.