WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States said Monday it wanted a strong response from the United Nations condemning North Koreas rocket test but hinted it need not come through a Security Council resolution. Diplomats in New York say that China and Russia, which have veto power on the Security Council, have been pushing for a more muted response after Pyongyang fired a rocket Sunday over Japan. Wed like to have a strong, effective, coordinated response from the council, State Department spokesman Robert Wood told reporters. Whats important is that we send a message to the North that this type of behaviour is provocative, it cannot happen again, and that if its interested in getting back into the good graces of the international community it needs to desist from this type of behaviour and activity. But asked if the United States insisted on a resolution, Wood said: We want the strongest possible response that we can get in the Security Council. Id just prefer to leave it at that. A senior US official said on condition of anonymity that the United States wanted a Security Council response but the form of it is not what we should be hung up on. Security Council resolutions are generally legally binding, but the 15-nation body can also issue non-binding presidential statements. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held telephone talks on Sunday with her counterparts from China, Japan, Russia and South Korea the other nations in deadlocked talks with the North on ending its nuclear program. Were under no illusions this is going to be difficult diplomacy but I think the secretary and her counterparts all agree that this is something that we have to pursue seriously and vigorously and we will, Wood said.