I would like to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards one of the major problem of the residents of Karachi. Different kinds of mafias seem to be working in Karachi but worst is the one that has a lock on the 'business' of water, the basic necessity of life that is a scarcity here. The owners of illegal water tankers, by one account, steal around 40% of the city's total water. They have a network of trucking firms and connections with the corrupt bureaucrats of government that help them turn water into liquid gold. By one reckoning, 42% of the population of Karachi living in low-income areas of the city faces an acute shortage of potable water these days. They don't even get enough water to meet their basic drinking needs. These people have to pay high rates to buy water from the tanker mafia. Water is the basic necessity of life. I request the authorities to take prompt action to stop illegal operations of this mafia and to let the people live. -BUSHRA AZIM, Karachi, March 5