The series of hits in Peshawar was clearly a warning against the betterment of relations between Pakistan and US. This development is a threat to the existence of ignorant savages like Taliban and this is something they need to fear. Most of the military hardware used by our security forces in their crack down campaigns against extremists comes from two sources; US and France. The US is also rubbing it in with numerous grants to better the education system in the Taliban strongholds, a development that these obscurantist despise more than anything else. With their long history of burning institutions and killing teachers, TTP can be scarcely expected to approve of prospering of learning in their lair. Scared that they might have an ideological defeat because of this US-sponsored spread of education, they have attacked the US consulate, underscoring the importance of the work Americans are doing in Pakistan. -ERAJ DANISH, Islamabad, April 6