Punjab University, the oldest university of our country has become a breeding ground for highly-politicized armed goons of its student body. These elements were nurtured and groomed during the long period when the university was being managed by non-academic heads, mostly picked up from the services by dictators. The result of this policy is now before us. Punjab University is being held to ransom by armed gangsters residing illegally in hostels trying to impose their own writ on the campus. The attacks on Vice Chancellor and his disciplinary head, along with a series of other recent incidents, make the campus seem like a battleground rather than a peaceful haven for academics. The authorities need to wake up and restore normalcy in the campus. Hopefully, a firm administrator like Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, would take due note of this lawlessness and take stringent action. -OMAR AZIZ, DHA, Lahore April 5