There was a time, believe it or not, when Islami Jamiat-e-Tulaba (IJT) was actually a useful body of students that engaged mostly in constructive pursuits relating to studies and teachers-students relations. The members of this group held teachers in very high esteem and it showed too. Then, the PPP founded its own students' wing in the universities, which used violence and the IJT only countered them. Unfortunately, it has deteriorated to a point today where comparisons with an ethnic fascist party of Sindh are probably fair. This ethnic party puts the blame on others of all the crimes it does. IJT does that too and rather often these days. So in a recent incident in Punjab University, they first attacked the teachers, damaging the university property and, then, having accomplished their mission of creating harassment, they started blaming others of doing it. This technique has become the hallmark of IJT. So we have the entire teaching community gone on strike, with no teacher prepared to take classes. And the provincial government is taking the rap for it all. The pattern is same in Sindh also where the provincial government is unable to do anything against the ethnic outlaws. The fact is that criminals and gangsters have risen to the highest ranks in our country. Education is no longer a requirement no matter how much of lip service is given to it. As an academician, I see no future of education in Pakistan. -PROF. DR. TABINDA ARSHAD, Glasgow, April 6