The 820 feet long magnificent iron bridge on the Indus River is in shambles. This masterpiece of irrigation engineering and design which joins the historic cities of Rohri & Sukkur was built in the Raj and named after Viceroy Lord Lansdowne to be called the Lansdowne Bridge. Never quite maintained, it was painted the first time since its inauguration during the days of Z. A. Bhutto. Now it is dilapidated to the point where even the lighting system on it is out of order for the last many years. Planks of high-quality wood that were used by the colonial engineers to lay out its footpaths have either worn-out completely or have been stolen by the irrigation officials or local policemen. A thicket of tall, wild grass is grown all around it. Whenever it rains, rain water accumulates in the ditches around it which, then, seeps into the fissures developed in it. I wonder if this beautiful colonial legacy can be saved or restored at all?-HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, April 6