LAHORE – The provincial Labour Department has launched weights and measures survey to collect data from shops, industries, trade institutions, petrol and CNG stations in the City to judge the precision of scales to which they are selling out products.

Provincial Minister for Labour Haji Ehsan-ud-Din Qureshi told the delegations of labourers visiting him here on Friday that the step had been taken on the instructions of Punjab Chief Minister, as he wanted to ascertain that goods are supplied to consumers in precise quantities.

Qureshi said that the provincial government was working to remove the flaws in labour laws in the light of the 18th constitutional amendment under which all responsibilities relating to the working class have been devolved to the provinces. The labour minister further told the visiting delegates that Punjab was ahead of all other provinces in wiping out child labour. He added that child labour had been completely abolished from District Sialkot and the Labour department, in collaboration with ILO had launched programmes in various other districts for the elimination of the worst forms of child Labour.