ASADABAD  - A suicide bomber assassinated an Afghan peace envoy and former mujahedeen commander on Friday, along with his son in an eastern region close to the Pakistan border, officials said.Maulavi Mohammad Hashem Munib, the head of the High Peace Council in Kunar province, was the target, said provincial police chief Ewaz Mohammad Nazari. “He was on his way home from Friday prayers when he was attacked by a suicide attacker,” he told AFP.One witness said that both Munib and the attacker had been torn to pieces, with body parts littering the scene.Mohammad Masoom Stanikzai, a senior official in the Peace Council, said: “With regret we have been made aware that Maulavi Mohammad Hashem Munib and his son have been martyred in a suicide attack in Kunar province. “He was an influential figure in Afghanistan and had drawn many insurgents to lay down arms and join the peace process. He was targeted by the enemies of peace.”The Taliban could not immediately be reached for comment.Meanwhile, seven people were burnt to death in southern Afghanistan on Friday when a fuel tanker supplying a Nato base crashed and set their vehicle on fire, officials said.The security chief of Panjwayi district and the Kandahar police chief said there was no insurgent activity at the time, and residents later pulled back from claims that the Taliban had attacked with rocket-propelled grenades.Sardar Mohammad, Panjwayi’s security chief, told AFP: “A fuel tanker supplying fuel for Isaf overturned and caught fire, and simultaneously a civilian minivan was passing nearby also set ablaze.” Seven people were killed and three others who were injured were taken to hospital, he said. Abdul Hakim, who lives opposite the crash site, told AFP he heard a loud bang when the tanker overturned, and a passing vehicle was set on fire by the blaze.Kandahar police chief Abdul Raziq confirmed the death toll, telling AFP: “This fuel tanker was coming from the city of Kandahar to Panjwayi district at high speed. “On its way this tanker overturned and caught fire,” he said. “A civilian minivan was passing on the way and the vehicle was also set ablaze.”