KARACHI - JS Academy for the Deaf is a project of Mahvash & Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation and Noor-E-Ali Trust. It is one of the best charity institutions imparting education to deaf children in the country, says a Press release. It is the only school in Pakistan where 9 deaf teachers have been employed and have received on job training to conduct research in this field. In addition it has an art gallery. To celebrate the excellent academic results of the students, an award ceremony was held and the inauguration of a gymnasium conducted. The students continue to excel in their academic studies. To mark this occasion, Mr and Mrs Jahangir Siddiqui, Ali J Siddiqui, Ali Raza Siddiqui along with their spouses, senior representatives of the Mahvash & Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation and many other notable guests were also present and spoke regarding the initiative.

Mr & Mrs Jahangir Siddiqui inaugurated a gymnasium at the JS Academy for the Deaf and participated in the awards distribution ceremony.