MULTAN – The prices of different daily use items and edibles registered another 9.87 per cent hike during the last week, disclosed a report issued by National Bureau of Statistics. The report pointed out that the portion of society earning around Rs. 35,000 was badly struck by the recent wave of price hike. The report was compiled after a comparative analysis of prices of 53 daily use items in 17 big cities of the country. The report disclosed that the rates of 28 items observed increasing trend while the prices of 10 things went down and 15 remained stable. The items with increased prices include tomatoes, potatoes, diesel, kerosene oil, petrol, mutton, beef, daal mong, red chilly, ghee, cooking oil, rice, fresh milk, washing soap, shirts, banana and clothes. Similarly, the rates of egg, LPG, onion, garlic, chicken, daal mash, wheat, energy savour and gur went down.