RAWALPINDI Traders and citizens have protested against demolition of filtration plant in Bara Market.  This was the only filtration plant in the Bara Market of Raja Bazaar wherefrom we could get clean drinking water but the administration had snatched this facility from us by demolishing it, said a group of traders. “We are now forced to drink substandard multicoloured beverages being sold at hand driven carts due to non availability of clean drinking water in the market,” complained a group of customers.

 “We have to purchase daily a water tanker to meet our requirement at high cost due to demolition of filtration plant, said Dost Muhammad a small trader.

“We are suffering from abdominal diseases due to non availability of clean drinking water following the demolition of the lonely water filtration plant, said a group of house wives. The citizens demanded immediate construction of water filtration plant in Bara Market.