ISLAMABAD - Abrar Saeed - The opposition parties’ apparent divide on their role in the Parliamentary Committee on National Security is tacitly pushing the government to decide on Nato supply through an administrative order like it did at the time of its closure.

According to opposition leaders and sources, no one was ready to provide the Parliament’s cover over the issue and that was the reason that the central leaders of the opposition parties have started saying if the government wanted to reopen the supply routes they should go for it through an administrative order instead of using the platform of Parliament.

On Friday, the PCNS could not resume the task of reviewing and redrafting the recommendations on foreign policy revisit with focus on Nato supply routes’ restoration due to abrupt boycott of Maulana Fazlur Rehman, alleging the ruling alliance had already decided to reopen the Nato supply routes and the committee’s proceedings was an eye wash.

He said his party would not let the government use the platform of Parliament to further its agenda.

Sources in the committee said the opposition leaders were pushing the things to a direction where the government would be left with the choice of taking the decision alone as none of the opposition parties would extend support to the government on the issue despite incorporation of their point of view in the proposed recommendations for foreign policy revisit.

The sources said Fazl had, time and again, made it clear that his party would not support the restoration and they would oppose it on the floor of the House.

They said committee chief Raza Rabbani met Fazl after the sitting but failed to convince him and there was a strong likelihood that the committee could not come up with consensus draft by Monday when the committee would meet ahead of the joint session of the Parliament.

Sources in the opposition parties said that the committee would fail to evolve consensus on the recommendations if JUI-F calls off the boycott of the committee’s proceedings.

Some of the opposition members in the Thursday’s meeting floated the idea that government would take decision on Nato supplies at its own through an executive order as it was an administrative issue and it should not be brought to the Parliament.

And if the issue lands in the Parliament, the opposition parties would either vote against it or abstain from the proceedings of the joint session to minus their role in the restoration, the sources added.