MUZAFFARGARH - Farmers of Muzaffargarh, Mondka, Shah Jamal, Basira and adjacent areas staged a demonstration on Friday, against non-payment of dues of millions of rupees and demanded action against the corruption mafia which was deducting seven percent of their dues.

Local farmers threatened to besiege the DCO Office in Muzaffargarh if their payments were not released. The protestors Nasir Abbas, Mazhar Hussain, Abbas Karim, M Khalid, Khuda Bakhsh, Karim Bakhsh, Allag Divaya, Asif , Ali Murtaza  Shah, Abdul Majid, Khan Muhammad , Allah Wasaya said that sugar mills owners claimed to be friends of Punjab CM and they kept DCO Muzaffargarh under their thumb in this context. The growers were of the view that as sugar millers often belong to members of political parties, the rulers had given them free hand to exploit growers and consumers.