LAHORE - Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said on Friday that no one had the right to issue any verdict against any Pakistani citizen.

“There are courts to take legal action under the Pakistani Law against any one if evidences are provided through proper channel”, she remarked while answering a question about Hafiz Saeed at a news conference held at a local hospital where she had gone to inquire after the health of a senior journalist and writer Shafqat Tanveer Mirza.

She said PM Gilani had already taken a clear stance on the issue of Hafiz Muhammd Saeed by asserting that Pakistan will not take any action against Da’wah leader without any concrete evidence.

On loasheding, she said the government would overcome energy crises before the next general elections. Firdous people were well aware of the elements who created hurdles in the way of power generation by IPPs. She said the PPP had won almost all elections held during last four years and hoped the energy crises would not affect the next elections.

 The minister said that rising gap between demand and supply of electricity was major cause of its shortage and Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani had summoned energy conference on April 9 to discuss the issue.

The information minister further said that several formulas regarding the issue were being discussed and the government was taking all the provinces on board.  Replying to a question about the President’s visit to India, she said it was a Private visit but whenever a President of any state visits a country, it has its impact in international relations.  She said that there was no composite dialogue between India and Pakistan before the present democratic government but the government initiated dialogue on all issues with India. As dialogue was the only way to solve the problems. 

The government was forming a foreign policy in accordance with the wishes of the masses through the parliament. She said that joint session of the parliament was summoned to prepare a comprehensive foreign policy with consensus of all political parties. The minister urged all parties to

play their role in this regard.

To another question, Dr firdous said the government’s stance on regional cooperation was clear, and quoted examples of European Community, Asia Pacific and G-8 countries. She questioned that why SAARC countries block could not work togather on common issues.

 Dr Firdous said that peace in Afghanistan was important for regional development.

 To another question regarding the statement of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto on revisiting Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed’s case, she said the PPP chairman had presented facts in his address regarding the case.

She questioned what was wrong if Bilawal said the same thing which had already been quoted by some former judges who were part of the bench that had given the decision against ZAB Shaheed.

She said the PPP just wanted the court to revisit the case against ZAB Shaheed to correct the gaps and clear the judiciary. Responding to a question, the minister said it was an insult of the people’s mandate and violation of the constitution that head of the state was not being accorded protocol by the provincial government.

Earlier, she paid tribute to Shafqat Tanveer Mirza for his contribution for restoration of democracy, rule of law and supremacy of the parliament.

The minister assured his family the government would never let him alone and presented Rs 200,000 on behalf of the President for his treatment.  She assured that his pension issue would also be resolved soon.