The ‘Contagion’ actress has signed her Coldplay rocker husband Chris Martin and their two children Apple, seven, and Moses, six up for language lessons just for fun.

Her mother, actress Blythe Danner told: ‘’My daughter’s doing a film in Spain now, because she’s fluent in Spanish. I’m delighted. ‘The children are fluent in Spanish too, so the whole family is now learning French. ‘Gwyneth is the quickest learner I’ve ever met in my life.’’

The ‘Meet The Parents’ star admits her son-in-law’s hit ‘Fix You’ - which he penned soon after meeting Gwyneth following the 2002 death of her dad Bruce - still brings tears to her eyes.

Blythe explained: ‘’One of the most famous ones - which I weep to every time I hear it - is ‘Fix You’. ‘He wrote that for Gwyneth when her father Bruce died - he missed meeting Bruce by a couple of weeks.’’

Health-conscious Gwyneth has credited her father’s death from throat cancer with her decision to take better care of her body through diet and exercise.

She explained: ‘’All I’ve learned about nutrition and health came from his cancer. I’ll probably have a long and healthy life because he didn’t. ‘I would do anything to have him back, but half the reason that my life is good, has real, true value, is that he died. I would obviously rather have him alive, but he gave me so much in his death.’’          –ES