LAHORE – The loot and corruption of Zardari government has deprived the masses of the fruits of democracy, said PML-N leader Hamza Shahbaz while addressing the laptop distributing ceremony at the Fatima Jinnah Girls Degree College Chuna Mandi here on Friday.

The PML-N leader urged upon all political parties to sign the “Charter of Development” with the help of competent and honest professionals and give it constitutional protection.

He said the Charter will replicate the models of development from Singapore, Malaysia and China in Pakistan.

Hamza Shahbaz stressed upon the youth to elect tested leadership instead of wasting time on new experiences for the country’s development and come forward to achieve the goal of a prosperous Pakistan.

He said that providing facilities and incentives to the youth was not favour to them but a need of the time and their right. He said that had the ten billion dollars spent on the war on terror, been invested on youth, they would have been playing their role in the country’s development as a conscious and responsible citizen. The PML-N leader said that a dictator, who did not care for the destruction of coming generations, had forsaken the nation and its resources in the lust of power. He added that distribution of laptops among the youth was aimed at restoring their lost confidence and enabling them to help the poor.

Hamza said that due to the shameful role of Zardari government on the issues like Kerry Lugar Bill, release of Raymond Davis, Abbotabad incident and Aafia Siddiqui, it had undermined the national dignity. He said that the PML-N government in Punjab had displayed its dignity by rejecting American aid.

He said that despite being rich in mineral resources, international slavery was a proof of the fact that the nation was in lack of trustworthy and honest leadership. He said that democracy was the only way to marching forward and India had set a worth emulating example for sticking to democracy. However, he said, that Zadari’s brand of democracy had made the country a beggar and the lives of the people miserable.

Members Provincial Assembly Khawaja Salman Rafique, Rana Iqbal, Kiran Dar, Rahila Khadim Hussain besides Principal and a large number of teachers and students also attended the function.