RAWALPINDI - Repeated orders of Rawalpindi police bigwigs, including SP Rural, to mitigate the public grievances within the precincts of Police Station Saddar Bairooni has been thrown into dustbin by the Station House Officer (SHO) Suhail Zafar that has left the fate of the people of the area at the mercy of outlaws.

While the criminals, car lifters, dacoits, robbers, kidnappers, drug peddlers, flesh traders and swindlers are up in the arms in all the areas of PS Saddar Bairooni harming residents, the SHO paying no heed towards the complaints of the victims rather humiliate them through different ways if someone musters dare knock the door of City Police Officer (CPO) Azhar Hameed Khokher, Regional Police Officer (RPO) Captain (Retd) Muhammad Zubair or any other high official of area concerned to get justice.

According to reliable sources, a big number of applications, filed by the victims of various incidents ranging from drug selling to murders, have been pending with PS whereas SHO seems least interested in lodging cases or taking action against the wrong doers.

How could the residents of areas of PS Saddar Bairooni be in safe hands when the clear instructions of RPO, CPO and SPs, that were nothing then to provide justice to the complainants, would be put under shoes by Suhail Zafar, a police officer, on request of anonymity, questioned while talking to TheNation on Friday.

He said that Suhail Zafar humiliated suppressed people just because of his affiliation with some political stalwarts of the ruling party in the province.

“What all the police high-ups do in case of any complaint against injustice of Suhail is only issue verbal orders to SHO to redress the problems of the people but later do not bother him (SHO) to comply with orders just to avoid the wrath of his political masters,” he added. Only strong attention of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab Haji Habib-ur-Rehman towards the worrying situation could mitigate the difficulties of residents of areas of PS Saddar Bairooni”, he asserted.

The fresh defiance of SHO Suhail was not filing a case against the swindlers, who took Rs 325, 000 from a citizen on the pretext of setting up a business and later refused to return him hurling threats of dire consequences, despite clear instructions of SP Rural Waheed-ur-Rehman Khattak, who held an inquiry against negligence of officials of the police station.    

Iftikhar filed an application with PS Saddar Bairooni but Sub-Inspector (SI) Muhammad Riaz demanded Rs 50,000 as bribe from him to arrest the swindlers which was refused by the former. In a bid to teach a lesson to Iftikhar, SI Riaz closed the case without informing the complainant. Iftikhar, then, appeared before SHO Suhail, who also made him a shuttlecock between offices of many police officers.

On the intervention of SP Rural, SI Tariq arrested the swindler Hafiz and locked him up. Navid, brother of Hafiz, obtained his release by giving police in written that they would return money to Iftikhar within two months.

Later, it was not done they along with four unknown accomplices barged into the house of Iftikhar on 9/2/2012 and gave him threats on gun point to not demand money or else they would kill his family.

Iftikhar immediately lodged a complaint with SI Shehzad Shamim, who misplaced the application apparently on the behest of SHO.

An application was filed with CPO by the victim taking, who assigned inquiry to SP Rural.

After holding a detailed inquiry, SP Rural Waheed Khattak found SI Riaz and Shehzad guilty of misconduct and recommended departmental action against them besides asking SHO Suhail to file a case against the swindlers.

However, SHO Suhail Zafar, as usual, did not file case and kept humiliating the Iftikhar, something which seeking strong attention of CPO. 

Another citizen Asad of Dhama Seydan, whose vehicle was bought by a fraudster in return of a cheque worth Rs 375,000 which was later bounced by a bank, has also been waiting for registration of a case with the police station for last four months but it was not done by SHO do date.

Despite repeated attempted made by this scribe, no version of SHO Saddar Bairooni could be obtained as he did not pick up his cell phone.