LAHORE - In continuation of his diatribe against PML-N leadership, President Asif Ali Zardari came down hard on Sharif brothers on the second consecutive day when he told PPP’s old guards at Governor House that he knew fully well how to deal with stiff-necked Sharifs.He said he had previously given concessions to Sharif brothers so that he could oust former president Gen Musharraf, ‘which was my first target’. He also said that he was aware of the true political worth of PML-N leaders and that he knew how to deal with it. The president said he had provided an opportunity to PML- N to form government in Punjab, but they took it as [PPP’s] weakness, and instead of being thankful to the PPP, they showed arrogance. “I know how to tackle their arrogance,” he remarked. “The country’s current scenario requires that political parties stand united. But the Sharifs will shake hands with no one,” he added.Zardari said he would be visiting every division of Punjab before the next general elections to galvanise the party. Faryal Talpur would also undertake visits to different Punjab regions, he added. He said PPP would give a tough time to the PML-N in central Punjab during the coming elections. “The so-called political rulers of Punjab will know when we come to power (in Punjab),” he said. The PPP Co-Chairman’s outburst against Sharifs is being regarded by many as the formal launch of his party’s election campaign in Punjab. On Thursday, he had said that Sharifs were migrants here and that Lahore belonged to PPP. Zardari further said that he would always see party activists during his visits to Lahore as they were the real strength of the party. According to sources, the president also gave away Rs10,000 cash to every old PPP activist attending the meeting. He had also announced giving 1,000 rickshaws to party workers on Thursday. The PPP Co-Chairman said PPP derived its strength from the common man on the street and would continue serving its real constituency, the poor. He said the party would continue its forward march towards strengthening of democracy by following reconciliation policy and its manifesto, which was a guarantee for protection of basic rights of common man in the country particularly the downtrodden and vulnerable sections of the society. He said the PPP was a dynamic and forward-looking party that possesses the quality to empower masses to raise voice for their rights.He said Sharifs left the country during dictatorship, but it was strange to see that under a democratic dispensation they were showing arrogance. Responding to a question posed by a jiyala, Zardari said most of his friends didn’t like his policy of reconciliation but he considered it necessary for democracy. He said a lot of things had to be tolerated when the party is in alliance with other parties. The President also chaired a meeting of PPP Women Wing Punjab and Labour Bureau.