Liam Hemsworth has had a lot of jobs, but insists he is ‘’not a good worker.’’

‘The Hunger Games’ actor had many different occupations working on Phillip Island where he grew up, off the coast of Australia, but admits he didn’t like getting up early when he worked for his brother Luke laying carpets. He said: ‘’I’ve done a billion different jobs. I worked for Luke laying carpets for six months, but I’m not a good worker, though. I don’t like early mornings. I’d get up and be grumpy, while he’s more of a wake-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn kind of guy and he’s buzzing at 6am. I’m more like, ‘Don’t even talk to me!’’’ Other jobs which Liam, 22, had were very varied, from working at a bowling alley to looking after animals.

He added: ‘’I’ve done labouring jobs, digging holes, I’ve worked in a bowling alley. I’ve been a baker. I’ve been a park ranger for animals. I did almost every job you could do on Phillip Island!’’

Liam and his brother Chris - who stars in ‘Thor’ - have gone on to have huge acting careers, but while Luke hasn’t had right break yet, he’s working on a TV show in Australia and is ‘’very happy’’ for his brothers.       –ES