The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has ordered 929 Afghan refugees families whose relatives are serving in the country’s forces to leave the province. Another 473 Afghans have been told to wind up their businesses and leave the country following reports by sensitive agencies about their suspicious activities. According to sources, the provincial government has also issued orders for the confiscation of properties illegally purchased by the Afghan refugees. The orders were issued after increase in terrorist activities and after proofs that Afghan refugees were involved in most of the incidents of terrorism, attacks on unarmed civilians as well as their involvement in dacoities. According to UNHCR’s figures, there are still 1.7 million registered Afghan refugees in Pakistan and a large number of them have obtained Pakistan’s computerised national identity cards. The sources said that concerned officials of KPK have been asked to prepare a list of illegally acquired properties by Afghans. Meanwhile incidents of theft and car jacking have also increased in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and in some cases Afghan refugees were arrested. The situation has particularly worrisome in the areas where many Afghan refugees are residing. Many of them were earlier repatriated but they returned to Pakistan by legal and illegal means. Many people have complained that Afghan looking armed men move at the car parking places in the city and then loot people at gun point when they come to take out their cars from the parking places. Citizens have expressed serious concern over this state of affairs and expressed their anger over lackluster attitude of the authorities. They said that refugees are requested to stay in camps and cannot be allowed to do businesses or roam freely. In addition, these Afghans are also a burden on our economy because they take away the job opportunities of Pakistanis. People have requested the government to move all the Afghans to the refugee camps if it is not easy to send them back to their country.