ISLAMABAD - Maqbool Malik - The main opposition party PML-N has taken President Asif Ali Zardari’s verbal assault against its top leadership as a result of frustration over PML-N’s growing popularity in Sindh. 

Well-placed party sources told TheNation on Friday that President Zardari has been upset with PML-N’s growing popularity in Sindh, which led to his frustration.

“PML-N has decided to contest general elections against PPP in Sindh,” sources said, adding that there was nothing with the ruling PPP to offer to the masses and as a result Zardari started using ‘dirty’ tactics by targeting the leadership of PML-N.

They were of the view that the ruling PPP has failed to deliver goods to the masses; therefore, its leadership has launched a dirty character assassination campaign against the PML-N top leaders. However, they vowed to leave no stone unturned in exposing the corruption and bad governance of the PPP top leadership.

The PPP Co-Chairman was creating hatred among the people of Punjab and Sindh, said PML-N Information Secretary Mushidullah Khan, adding that Asif Ali Zardari would see how the people of Punjab and Sindh would react to his character assassination campaign he has unleashed against their party leadership.

The PPP Co-Chairperson yesterday lashed out at Sharif brothers in a speech at the Governor House in Lahore. “Lahore is the PPP’s city. Sharif brothers are refugees here. They are alive in politics only because of me. The power they are enjoying is a gift of the PPP, which can send them home any time, but for the politics of reconciliation of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed that it is following,” the president had said.