When will DHA revert back to its status as Defence Officers Co-op Housing Society in consonance with 18th Amendment devolution plan? Life in Pakistan these days has become quite difficult not only for the poor people but even for those whom we generally refer to as the middle class. It appears the big shots within the elite who are aligned with the big political parties have a carte blanche to amass more wealth and disregard the law to the detriment of the masses. It is a crying shame for instance that the surrounding territory alongside the Khayaban-e-Shamsheer in DHA Phase V in Karachi has been particularly reserved for owners of palatial bungalows residing within the same area. What is further pinching is that the service lane on both sides of the highway has also been converted into this no-go territory meant only for the ultra rich of the DHA. The main road has been narrowed with consequences for normal flow of traffic. It is this zone that the elite of the DHA use as a parking lot for their luxury vehicles, while their children and servants happily use the area as a large playing field. Traffic on the main road is invariably jammed but who cares. And because of the extra traffic, it is quite a risk to venture on the road especially on narrow turns. What is further chocking up the traffic is construction of storm water drains. Interestingly, the construction of the drains is also incurring a lot of money, which I consider to be purely wasteful expenditure. It is obvious that nobody can question DHA for this colossal waste of money and mismanagement because it derives its power from Ministry of Defence and not under Provincial Cooperative Society Act, under which it was originally formed as Defence Officers Co-op Housing Society. This change happened during the tenure of General Zia. While commercial entities are operating freely in residential areas, smooth access to streets from the Khyaban zone has become impossible. That is why I keep saying Pakistan doesn’t need enemies, we are best at destroying ourselves and the institutions.

Ali Ashraf Khan,

Karachi, April 6.