The 85-year-old monarch surprised blind politician David Blunkett at a lunch when she offered to cut some meat chops he was having difficulty with and explained she often prepares food for her corgis. David told the Radio Times magazine: ‘’I had the privilege of sitting next to the queen at a lunch where Barnsley chops were being served. Now I’m sure everyone understands the difficulty in getting the meat off the bone and the fat off the meat. Clearly seeing that I was struggling, the queen asked if she could help me and I declined. ‘’She then asked me a second time but again I declined and pressed on. On the third occasion, the queen, no doubt somewhat exasperated with this man who clearly needed assistance but stubbornly refused to accept it, said, ‘Mr Blunkett, there’s no need for you to be embarrassed. I often cut up meat for the corgis.’ David admitted he was so shocked by the monarch’s candour he had no idea how to respond.                             –BBC