LAHORE - Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah while referring to President Zardari’s unabated tirade against the PML-N leadership has said the people know well the looters and the plunderers of the national wealth and will certainly take them to task.

He said President Zardari has an old dream of conquering Punjab but his dream will not come true for it was a citadel of PML-N where PPP can never form government.

He said last time PPP made a strong attempt to overthrow the PML-N government in Punjab spending millions of rupees but it miserably failed. Rana Sana said the masses are the real power of Nawaz Sharif while money is that of Asif Ali Zardari and no one can beat one who enjoys support of the people.

Meanwhile, talking to the media, MNA Hamza Sharif said that PPP advocates for the politics of reconciliation but the kind of language President Zardari is using exposes the claim of his reconciliatory policy. 

In politics we must avoid stooping down to personal level. It cuts a very sorry figure on the part of President that he has spoken about a person who is no more in the world, he said while referring to Zardari remarks about his grandfather Muhammad Sharif.