RAWALPINDI – The CPO Rawalpindi Azhar Hameed has given 48-hour deadline to SHO Sadar Bairooni Police Station but the same SHO and his subordinate Sub Inspector Liaquat are out to hush up the matter, it is learnt.

The City Police Officer (CPO) Rawalpindi on Friday summoned the Station House Officer (SHO) Sadar Barooni under whose jurisdiction TheNation’s reporter Israr Ahmed was attacked and fired at by drug peddlers the other day. The CPO ordered the SHO Sadar Bairooni PS to nab the culprits within 48-hours. “Arrest the culprits or face action. You are a very inefficient police officer and I would not spare you if you fail to take drug peddlers to talk,” Azhar Hameed warned the SHO. The SHO Sohail Zafar has till date shown extreme slackness and reluctance in nabbing the culprits.

Angry over the CPO remarks, the SHO Sadar Bairooni later confronted TheNation’s reporter as to why this matter was brought into the notice of the CPO. “Why CPO has insulted me when I’m cooperating with you?  I’m very busy and I have better things to do than to look after your case!” the SHO told Israr in a bitter tone. He was reminded that both the notorious drug peddlers Raja Bablu and Raja Bani were duly identified and traced but still, the SHOs’ men had not arrested them. Upon this, Sub Inspector Liaquat, who is one of the ‘loyal’ sub-inspectors of the SHO, said, “We don’t have time to get into useless issues. People in our official jurisdiction get attacked every day. It doesn’t mean that we start nabbing every criminal.  We are very busy people.”

It is learnt that the matter is also in the notice of Leader of Opposition Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan but so far his party’s provincial government has not done anything to provide justice to the victim Israr Ahmed.

Israr was on his home from The Nation’s office when Raja Bani and Raja Bablu, two notorious drug peddlers of Rawalpindi intercepted his bike, snatched his valuables, manhandled him and fired seven shots at him. An FIR was registered in Sadar Bairooni Police Station but the SHO Sohail Zafar has so far failed to take any action against the culprits. The reports suggest that the SHO has allegedly connived with the criminals and he is out to save them at any cost.

Raja Bablu allegedly runs a notorious drug empire in Rawalpindi’s village Dhamiyal where he allegedly patronises the illegal sale of liquor, heroin and other narcotics. Police are reluctant to nab him due to his links with high-ups in Punjab government and Rawalpindi police.