The Nation has reported that there is a realisation that loadshedding cannot be ended with the costlier energy from the IPPs. But the Prime Minister keeps harping on Benazir Bhutto’s initiative of inducting the IPPs. The oil guzzling IPPs actually put the country on the ruinous path of expensive thermal power. It is time to revisit the reasons why construction of Kalabagh dam was not started in 1986. Do the reasons still hold when distribution of river waters has been centralised under IRSA having higher representation from Sindh. What possible objections can Sindh have now against a project which is a win-win for all. Sindh was able to cultivate 20 lakh additional acres after Tarbela dam was commissioned. There is no reason to believe that Sindh will not benefit similarly from Kalabagh dam since it has much more uncultivated area than Punjab. We must consider that demand for power will reach 36,000 megawatts by 2025, only 13 years away, even before Bhasha dam is commissioned. Population will also double by 2025, and there be millions more to feed. Can Pakistan survive with just two dams while India has 4500 large and medium dams and is still building more?


Lahore, April 5.