RAWALPINDI  - The transporters from twin cities have demanded increase in fares for public transport in connection to the recent hike in fuel prices.The members of Pakistan Public Transport Union Haji Zahoor Ahmad, Anjum Hafeez, Asif Khan and Rohail Anjum have expressed annoyingly that the government always forget to set out the prices of other items when it increases the fuel prices.They stated that the Inter city transport Punjab increased the fare charges last time in 2008 when diesel per litre price was 42 rupees and petrol per litre price was 53 rupees. They said that the increase in fare charges in Public Transport last time took place in 2009 when the diesel price per litre was 65 rupees and petrol price per litre was 62 rupees.  They demanded of the concerned transport authorities to take notice of the situation and to issue directives in this regard otherwise they would go on strike and block the roads across the country.    Meanwhile, the locals rejected the demands of the transporters, as a fare is already high. On the contrary, several rickshaw, taxi, cab and Suzuki drivers have already raised the fare with out official announcement.However, no official decision has been taken by the transport authorities in order to increase fare up till now. Meanwhile, encroachments have become hazardous in populated areas of Bara Kaho due to negligence of the administration and inattention of elected representatives.Encroachments have become big problems for the pedestrians and transporters on Col. Amanullah Road, Bazaar Stop, Simli Dam Road, Kiyani Road, Bhera Pull and other areas of Bara Kaho. “Vendors and their stalls are hampering the smooth traffic flow and causing road accidents”, said a local resident. All the encroachers have established their business by placing stalls in front of the shops.Citizens several times called attention of the administration towards this issue but no action was seen from the administration up till now.Residents, transporters and civil society demanded of higher authorities to take action against the encroachments in various areas of the city.