The passive attitude of the general public on every increase in gas, electricity and fuel prices has encouraged the government to be bold in squeezing the common man beyond all limits. The latest whopping increase in the prices of petroleum products has jolted even the middle class of the society. Its trickle down effect on the common man is going to be disastrous which our rulers have not realized. The rulers’ attitude towards the poor class is dangerously deplorable. The man in the street is now very aware that our rulers are all freeloaders and the price hike does not pinch them. They are living a royal life with huge bank balances and properties both in Pakistan and abroad from the looted money. Whenever there is an increase in fuel and energy rates, there is momentary reaction, a few protests marches and a few statements/threats by the opposition leaders and then everything subsides as if they have reconciled with the government’s policies. The rulers continue to bulldoze their way and are looking forward to have another term of 5 years with programs like Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), Waseela-i-Haq, Laptop distribution etc and giving Nishani-i-Imtiaz, Hilal-i-Imtiaz etc to all the sycophants of ruling junta. There was a loot sale of these awards on this 23rd March in the Presidency. I wonder what extraordinary work they had done for the country except that they have shown very poor governance in the history of the country and caused massive corruption in all the departments! But who cares about the reaction of the people and the intelligentsia? There is no one to control and have check on these parasites sitting in the government machinery. They do not bother about the orders of the Supreme Court and still say “we respect the judiciary”. May God help our country! Amen.


Lahore, April 2.