RAWALPINDI  – The Punjab Emergency Service, Rescue 1122, Rawalpindi has rescued 3328 emergency victims in 3301 emergency operations during last three months and maintained its average response time of less than seven minutes.
Out of total 3301 emergency calls received during previous three months , the Emergency Service dealt 1454 road traffic accidents, 151 fire calls, 09 building collapse incidents, 91 crime incidents, 37 special rescue operations and 1547 medical emergencies.
The Emergency Service, Rescue 1122 provided swift response to 151 fire calls and saved those emergencies turning into a big disaster. The data of Command and Control Room, Rawalpindi showed that the rescuers provided swift response and estimated saved 1369.71 million properties in fire incidents during the period.
The Community Information, Safety & Training Wing also initiated School Safety Program-2013 in the second week of January and educated 18186 teachers and students in 107 schools on emergency management. The Community Trainers also conducted buildings safety survey of 107 schools buildings to identify the hazards and vulnerability, so that preventive measure may be initiated in time.
The Director General, Rescue 1122, Dr. Rizwan Naseer said rescues 1122 is always ready to provide swift response to all kind of emergencies but public is requested to dial emergency number only in case of emergency or disaster and only timely call can ensure timely response from Emergency Service in case of any untoward incident.