Balochistan National Party chief akhtar mengal arrived here on Sunday after four and half years and addressed a public rally in the provincial capital.
The baloch leader said that there should be no illusion that decisions could be enforced upon the baloch at gunpoint against their wishes.
He lamented that neither democracy nor those who chanted slogan of "Sab Se Pehlay Pakistan" addressed miseries of people of Balochistan.
He said both the democracy and dictators gave only dead bodies to the baloch . mengal also criticized Pakistani institutions for spreading disappointment in the province.
However, the BNP chief said that the people would not give up their hopes and courage to achieve their ultimate goal.
The baloch leader said that the baloch did not pour their blood for acquiring power .
akhtar mengal said all efforts to finish Balochistan National Party have failed. He said it was a hard time during the exile, and he had come back to take part in the political process with the consent of the parliamentary board of the party.
He said missing persons from Balochistan must be recovered before May 30.The previous government did nothing for the restoration of peace in Balochistan, he said.
mengal urged disgruntled ‘friends’ to shun the path of militancy and come down from the mountains .