A new controversy seems to be brewing. Of late the Nab had levelled charges of loan default by Mian Shahbaz Sharif, which drew a strong reaction from him on Friday who challenged the Nab chairman to come up with evidence within 24 hours or else tender an apology. Also he said he would sue Nab for defamation.

Now that the Nab has given him a clean chit such unverified allegations had best be avoided. However, there is a suspected element of partisanship in the way the charges were hurled. If one were to recount the decade of democracy, the period spanning the 90s, these charges reek of political victimisation and vendetta. Now that the Sharif brothers are out of power, and are pleading with the public for votes, Nab is finding them as soft targets. Mian Shahbaz has urged the caretaker Prime Minister and the ECP to take notice of such unfounded accusations. By resorting to selective accountability, Nab is harming its own credibility. This is reminiscent of the early days of the organisation when former General Musharraf used it as a tool of political repression. Mian Shahbaz has presented the documents and details in front of the media showing regularly payment of taxes and loans. The Nab has, however, done well to retrieve the charges, but in future in other cases also it should make sure of the facts before it speaks up.