‘Foolish are those who try to make others fool’, is the best one liner that describes the people who celebrate April 1, as April Fools’ Day, often called as ‘All Fools’ Day’. The day provides excellent opportunity to those who are extremely stupid and brainless to project and share their foolish talent with society. They don’t see any difficulty in disturbing others with their unabated lies or foolish pranks but find pleasure and happiness in doing it.

There are several accounts in history of Fool's day, according to some, its history dates back to the medieval times of Europe when the Popes ruled the state affairs. It is said that in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII ordered to adopt the new Gregorian calendar replacing the old Julian calendar which had April 1 as the New Year’s Day. France was the first to adopt the new calendar, whereas England adopted it in 1752. The French call it ‘Poisson d'Avril’ or ‘April Fish.’ Those who adopted the Gregorian calendar started celebrating the New Year on January 1. While those who didn’t celebrate it on first January and continued to celebrate it on April 1as the New Year were called ‘Fools’.

The Muslims believe that this day is the day when Muslims were thrown out from Spain and sent to Africa, they were told there would be boats for them but when they went a little into the water they realized the boats had holes and they all sank by the disbelievers. So, if Muslims celebrates this day, they are making fun of their own people. However, the main reason to discard this day is that Islam clearly condemns fraud and forbids us to lie while the day is all about telling lies, making fun, committing pranks etc which often distress others.

The Prophet (PBUH) once said, “Shame on him who tells lies in order to make people laugh! Shame on him! Shame on him!” (Abu Dawud). The Prophet (PBUH) also said: “I joke, but I speak nothing but the truth” (Tabarani). The majority of Pakistan has no interest in celebrating such unethical days coming from the Western culture, but our liberal and secular media tries to give undue importance to idiotic days like April Fools’, Valentines, Halloween, Basant, Father’s, Mother’s days etc.

What we ought to do is to focus and remain connected with rational Islamic ideology that is our sole entity and dignity. We need to struggle for the establishment of Islamic state and to restore an ethical society in order to save our own religious and ethical norms and values.


Karachi, April 1.