KARACHI - The general administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, after thorough evaluation on the “Improvement Report” provided by the MFD on December 10, 2012, has allowed continuation of fish export from four fish meal processing plants of Pakistan for the period of one year.
The names of these processing plants included M/s Kanpa International Sales, M/s Abideen and Company, M/s MA Proteins and M/s Intermarket International.  In a letter dated 25th February 2013 addressed to Mr.ShaukatHussain, Director General, MFD, the Deputy Devision Chief of AQSIQ conveyed approval of four fish meal processing plants (recommended by MFD, Ministry of Ports and Shipping, Government of Pakistan). AQSIQ delegation visited Pakistan during May – June 2011 to evaluate the Inspection, Supervision and Quarantine System on fish meal, fish oil and aquatic animal protein being produced by fish meal processors/ exporters. The team was satisfied and had allowed to continue export. However, they had presented certain suggestions for further improvements.
The MFD and fish meal processing plants worked hard and in December 2012 the MFD submitted “Improvement Report” to AQSIQ. After thorough evaluation, the report has been accepted by them and accordingly Pakistan has been allowed to export fish meal from four processing plants that were recommended by MFD.
However, there is always a room for improvement. More processing plants could be included in future, which will meet the sanitary requirements.