ISLAMABAD - The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has received a total of 24,094 nomination papers from 425 returning officers across Pakistan, of which, nearly 21,000 papers have been scrutinised by the ROs concerned while the electoral body estimates women voters’ turnout in the general elections at 40 per cent.
It is to issue instructions to the presiding officers to keep separate record of the women voters in the general polls and prepare relevant statistical data in the coming days, it is learnt.
The data would include the exact number of women voters who cast their votes in the general elections in every district, their turnout at every polling station as well as district-wise women voters’ turnout across the country, according to ECP sources.
Separate record would be kept for those female voters who do not exercise their voting right in the forthcoming polls.
Furthermore, the process of receiving nomination papers at the ECP was completed on Saturday evening. Till then, 20,743 of the total 24,094 nomination papers were scrutinised by the 425 ROs from across the country. Of the scrutinised papers, 6,487 are for the National Assembly and 14,256 papers are for Provincial Assemblies.
The number of ECP-received nomination papers include 7,364 for the NA and 16,730 for the PAs. Out of the nomination papers received for NA, 17,27 papers are from Sindh, 1,374 from KP, 430 from Balochistan, 147 from ICT (Islamabad Capital Territory), 162 from minorities and 3,524 nomination papers are received from Punjab.
Of the nomination papers received for PAs, as many 2,522 are from KP, 4,389 nomination papers from Sindh, 1,449 from Balochistan and 8,730 papers from Punjab.
Of the scrutinised 20,743 nomination papers, 6,487 are from NA and 14,256 are from PAs. 
For the NA, 1,414 nomination papers are scrutinised from Sindh, 1,299 from KP, 382 from Balochistan, 121 from Islamabad, 158 from minorities and 3,113 papers are received from Punjab.
While for PAs, 2,409 are scrutinised from KP, 3,507 from Sindh, 1,204 from Balochistan and 7,136 are from Punjab.
So far, more than 4,000 nomination papers have been uploaded on the ECP website and the process of uploading will be expedited from Sunday (today), the ECP officials said.
Meanwhile, ECP sources informed, the separate record for the female voters was not kept in the previous polls whereby men and women voters were included in the miscellaneous record. “There is no credible figure as to how many women exercised their right to vote in the past and what was the women voters’ turnout in the previous polls. This time it’s going to be different,” an ECP official claimed.
Roughly, the ECP expects voters’ turnout between 60 percent to 65 percent in the general polls, including 40 percent expected turnout of the women voters, the official stated.
Last year, the electoral body had proposed declaring the results at any polling station null-and-void that saw less than ten percent of the women voters’ turnout. However, the proposal could not be materialised in the wake of its opposition from some mainstream political parties particularly Pakistan Muslim Quaid-e-Azam (PML-Q). The Q-League contends that women voters’ turnout generally remains low at the polling stations located in the rural areas, which is why, the party believes, nullifying the results of polling stations with less than ten percent female voters’ turnout is not workable option. 
Presently, the number of registered women voters is 37,322,376, of the total 85,738,789 registered voters. As many as 21,380,771 women voters are registered in Punjab, 8,377,773 in Sindh, 5,261,736 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 1,422,439 in Balochistan, 596,258 in FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) and 283,399 registered women voters in ICT.