CREATED by Dutch art duo Lenert and Sander, Everything is a unique perfume made up of 1,400 samples of every new perfume. Can you imagine what it smells like?
The perfume business is doing better than ever, and it seems like every time you open a magazine or turn on your TV there’s a new fragrance being promoted. There are literally thousands of new fragrances being launched every year, and it looks like the world can’t get enough of them. Inspired by this booming market, creative Dutch artists Lenert and Sander have spent a whole year collecting 1,400 samples of all the perfumes launched last year and mixed them all in a 1.5 litre container to create a potent combination aptly named Everything. If you’ve ever asked yourself what a mix of all the perfumes in the world would smell like, this is your chance to find out. The two artists shared their opinions about the fragrance in an interview with The Huffington Post. “We think Everything smells of your average fragrance department store - that wall of smell that hits you when you enter it,” Lernert and Sander said. “A friend of ours thinks it smells of Chanel #5. We think it doesn’t, but love the idea that all the fragrances of 2012 mixed together ends up to smelling like the most iconic smell in the world.”          –ODC