The administration of district Charsadda, headed by Deputy Commissioner, has at least taken a drastic step of removing encroachments along the roads, a step being praised by the law-abiding citizens of the area. The encroachers had illegally occupied almost half of the roads, making it impossible for pedestrians and motorists to pass. The ex-government for political reasons has made it impossible for the district administration to remove these encroachments. We all laude the efforts as the people of Charsadda are with the DC in this cleansing operation. What should have been done by the previous provincial government is being carried out by the good bureaucracy. Hopefully, all DCs, and DCOs, of the province will follow in the footsteps of DC Charsadda to take drastic actions for the betterment of the people of their districts.


Charsadda, April 4.