PEHSAWAR - A primary school for boys and girls has been constructed with the financial assistance of the Japanese government in a village Kadam, khyber agency . The honorary Consul General of japan in Peshawar Nawabzada Fazal Karim Afridi formally inaugurated the school in a ceremony held at the Village Kadam, khyber agency . The ceremony was attended by elders, teachers and parents of the area. The consul general visited the newly constructed building of schools and met with students and conveyed a message of Japanese ambassador to Pakistan. The Japanese government had extended a grant of Rs7 million for construction of school under its the Learning and Motivation Programme (LAMP).
More than six schools have so far been constructed with financial assistance of japan in various parts the agency .
Fazal Karim Afridi, while reading out a message of the Ambassador of japan in Islamabad, said that the foreign mission has determined to promote education in tribal region, particularly increase literacy ratio of female in the khyber agency .  “The education is paramount for development and progress of the country, despite that a good number of children, especially girls were deprived of right to education due to inadequate schools in the Pakistan,” he said while quoted the message of envoy. school Principal Hassan Afridi and Mohammad Usman have extended special gratitude to government of japan on behalf of locals of the area. They stressed the need for taking steps for promotion of girls’ education in the tribal region. Hassan said that most of girls have not able to get high education due to lack of sufficient number of schools in the khyber agency .
He urged the government of japan and donor agencies to extend financial support for up-gradation of primary schools in the agency .
The notable of areas highly appreciated the efforts of the Government of japan , in promotion of education in the tribal region, particularly in the khyber agency .  Fazal Afridi also emphasised the promotion of female education in tribal region. Besides, he said the youth should also get aware of Islamic and scientific knowledge.
Keeping in view the enthusiasm of locals in promotion of education, Afridi told the tribal community that the mission was incomplete till up-gradation of education institutions in the khyber agency .
He assured they would try his level best to bring more funds for completion of this mission.