RAWALPINDI  - The prices of milk and yogurt have been increased by rs 5 in the city and cantonment areas by their sellers unilaterally.Earlier, the milk was being sold at rs 65 to 70 per kilogram and yogurt at rs 75 to 80, but now the rates had increased by rs 5 in the markets. The shopkeepers claimed the milkmen had unilaterally started selling milk at increased rates. Some vendors who claimed that they sold pure milk were also selling yogurt at exorbitant rates.  A milkmen representative, Altaf, said that revision of prices was a dire need of the hour in wake of price hike on all fronts. We had demanded rs 5 to rs 10 increase , which was yet to be agreed by the city district government, he added.  Faisal, a resident of Peoples Colony Tench Bhatta said that milk and yogurt , being necessities of life, were already too expensive and any further increase in prices would make them out of the reach of masses. The citizens have criticized the increase in milk and yogurt prices and urged the authorities concerned to save them from profiteers. The daily demand for milk and yogurt , including packaged and unpackage, increases manifold in summer.