Recently due to heavy traffic blockade, my friend and I decided to walk home. As it was a long walk we bought some things to eat on the way. When we finished eating we looked around for a place to throw the garbage, but we were confounded by the realization that there were no garbage bins anywhere in sight. At that particular moment, we realized that every one cannot carry garbage back home, especially in a country where literacy rate is so low (equating manners with education). Even if the whole nation would have been literate, they would have been forced to litter, as there are no dustbins around the city.

Though the Government is responsible for the absence of dustbins around the city, I remember that they did exist, large metal dustbins on every corner of the streets, but acute poverty and drug users have now stolen most of them. To eliminate this need, we need to take matters into our own hands and request every businessmen to install dustbins outside their shops and centres. Keeping our city clean is everyone’s duty; let’s not ask anyone to do it. It is important that we all realize that keeping our area clean is as important as keeping our homes clean. Hosting a flag on ‘Independence Day’ doesn’t reflect anyone’s patriotism, but such acts do.


Karachi, April 1.