Pakistan Saraiki Party chief Taj Muhammad Langah , 72 died of cardiac arrest on Sunday morning.
President Pakistan Saraiki Party (PSP), Taj Muhammad Langah was an icon of south Punjab and the entire Saraiki belt. The man has been active for the formation of the separate province for the Saraiki belt and he has been rallying for this demand for decades. His objectives were not ethnic or racist but purely for the betterment of the people of this area.
The facilities like education, health, jobs, industry and other civic utilities are very rare in the cities, towns and villages of South Punjab and the whole of Saraiki belt is teeming with ignorance, diseases and lack of facilities. The people are hardworking and nice, but they are fed up of the current situation.
Taj Muhammad Langah was once associated with Pakistan people's Party (PPP) and remained its deputy secretary general.
President Asif Ali Zardari has expressed his grief over the death of Taj Muhammad Langah and said his pro-people struggle would be long remembered.